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A quick, controlled transition from fossil fuels to green energy and a more socially just economy

In order to avert climate crises that risk The 6th Extinction, we must take full advantage of the time available – starting now.

We want to drive home the urgency of that, but pair it with the opportunity that investment in a clean energy economy offers – there is more upside than just surviving.

This year there is a new committee that is a standing Joint Committee in addition to the House and Senate Energy Committees

Senator Michael Dembrow's Newsletters are particularly informative

There was a “Interim” Committee that was very active between sessions:

The Legislature formed a new committee to get the “Clean Energy Jobs Bill” ready to pass in the 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature.

They have held their first hearing. The information page is here
The video recording is here, and can be made full screen, or not, and can be downloaded for later.
The written testimony ESF-Oregon offered is at here
An article on the meeting is here

Our editorial comments on the hearing are Comments on 1st Meeting of Joint Interim Committee On Carbon Reduction

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