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 +====== ​ Berg Box, A Water Sanitation Idea ======
 +**Speaker: Dave Conklin**
 +Our member, Dave Conklin, has been engineer and manager for Fortune 500 companies; and general manager and usually owner of a series of small companies, and climate change researcher. He has been working for and with people at OSU since 2001.  He is an expert on the Willamette Valley watershed. At present he's "the chief-cook-and-bottle-washer” of “Oregon Freshwater Simulations,​ Inc."
 +**Presentation:​ Berg Box, A Water Sanitation Idea**
 +Dave has taken responsibility for bringing a water sanitation idea to market as a product because it can significantly:​
 +  - Improve the lives of users
 +  - Significantly reduces CO2 emissions .
 +Dave will talk about the {{ :​actions_upcoming:​bergbox-1pagesummary-1.pdf |product}}, and show us it's prototype. ​ He will discuss its "​drawdown potential", ​ leaving us with a challenge of supporting him, and maybe others in helping determine projects'​ "​drawdown potential"​.
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