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At our general meeting on Tuesday, November 12, we will hear a presentation from Christopher Dymond, speaking on “U. S. Energy Trends”.

Speaker: Christopher Dymond

Christopher is a Sr Product Manager, working for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

He holds a Master’s degree in building systems engineering from the University of Colorado, and an undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from Oregon State University. He has over 25 years’ experience in energy efficiency of commercial buildings, residential technologies, policy development and solar power. Prior to joining NEEA he worked 4 years at EDF Renewable Energy as manager of emerging technologies where he did system design and due-diligence evaluation for both utility and commercial scale solar power projects, and 12 years at the Oregon Department of Energy an energy analyst on efficiency and renewable energy systems.

Presentation: NEEA and Energy Efficiency

NEEA is tasked with securing energy efficiency resources through actions that influence the market by working with manufactures, federal standards, distribution and other non-customer facing actions. These have resulted in resources considerably cheaper than building new power plants for the region. Christopher will present some context on about the regional resources mix and role of efficiency followed by a few examples of programs NEEA has been and is currently working on to effect change in the market toward greater energy efficiency. This will include current NEEA work on very high-efficiency dedicated outdoor air systems for commercial buildings and new opportunities in residential heating and cooling systems.

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