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On Tuesday, September 10, ESF will host a presentation on wave energy capture. Wave energy capture is an especially intriguing source for Oregonians as our state has significant potential for its development.

Speaker: Dr. Burke Hales

Dr. Hales is the chief scientist for the wave energy test site that is being developed about seven miles west of Newport on the Oregon coast. Dr Hales is a professor in Oregon State's College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences.

Presentation: Wave Energy Capture

The Wave Energy Capture project is known as PacWave. It will provide grid connected wave energy testing in an open ocean environment. Oregon State has received a 35 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop and build out the site.

It has been estimated that, globally, the marine energy market could reach nearly $700 billion by 2050. The World Energy Council estimates that 10 percent of worldwide electricity demand could be met by harvesting ocean energy.

You won't want to miss Dr Hales' presentation on this transformational project occurring right within our own state.

One PDH will be granted for attendance at this presentation.

No need to RSVP—just show up!

When: September 10, 12:00 to 1:15 pm

Where: Glumac, 900 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1600, Spruce Conference Room, Portland Oregon 97204

Parking: The three options for parking are on the street, Standard Center Garage with entrances on 3rd and 4th between Taylor and Salmon, and City Center parking also with entrances on 4th between Taylor and Yamhill.

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We are still putting this year's schedule together. We are looking for speakers for months past February.

Our top interests this year will be preparing ourselves to be useful in giving input to our legislators and decision makers on getting started with cost of carbon becoming driven by law. Topics on social cost of carbon, and climate justice and opportunities for green progress. For example, last session passed a bill that enables community solar. Is there someone who would like to talk about how that will change our systems.

Meetings are held at: 900 SW 5th Ave, Suite # 1600, Portland, 97204 between 12 noon to 1:15PM.

Send suggestions to or call Mike Unger at 503-348-8716

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