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At our general meeting on Tuesday, January 14, we will hear a presentation from Micah Meskel, speaking on Portland Audubon’s Conservation Efforts.

Attendance at our meeting, January 14 at the Glumac offices on the 16th floor and at the Oregon TECH Campus in Wilsonville via skype. If weather conditions look Hazardous tomorrow morning, I will send a cancelation notice.

Speaker: Micah Meskel

Micah began volunteering with Portland Audubon at the Wildlife Care Center in 2010, and has served in a variety of staff roles within the conservation and care center programs before becoming the Activist Program Manager in 2018. Micah was born and raised in Portland and attended the University of Oregon and earned a degree in Economics. In his current role, Micah manages Portland Audubon’s activist program, works on a variety of local and statewide policy issues, and represents Portland Audubon on various committee and coalitions.

Away from work, Micah enjoys anything that involves the outdoors, whether it’s kayaking on the Willamette, biking and running around town, hiking in the region’s vast wilderness, or gardening in his backyard. One constant in all of these outdoor activities is that his eye is always to the sky, keeping track of the abundant wildlife activity in our region.

Presentation: Portland Audubon’s Conservation Efforts

The presentation will focus on Portland Audubon's local bird conservation efforts in the region, with a special focus on Audubon’s work to lessen the impacts of climate change and build resilience for the Portland community. This will include highlighting the variety of tactics that Portland Audubon uses to accomplish its goals; from working collaboratively with agencies to craft policy, public education for youth and adults to build environmental knowledge in the community, strategic litigation to force systemic change, grassroots organizing to empower local action, and local stewardship of our natural resources.

No need to RSVP—just show up!

When: January 14, 12:00 to 1:00 PM

Where: Glumac, 900 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1600, Spruce Conference Room, Portland Oregon 97204 and at the Oregon TECK Campus in Wilsonville via skype

At our general meeting on Tuesday, December 10, we heard a presentation from Franco Albi, speaking on the PGE Integrated Resource Plan.

Speaker: Franco Albi

Franco is the Senior Manager of Strategy Integration at Portland General Electric. His team is responsible for corporate strategy and integrated resource planning, focusing on building stakeholder trust and working with customers to provide the best outcomes for delivering clean energy safely, reliably, and affordably. Mr. Albi has been working in the energy industry for over 20 years leading development and implementation of sustainable resources.

Prior to establishing the Strategy Integration group, Mr. Albi lead various projects in power supply and power delivery including development, construction, and commissioning of the Tucannon River Wind Farm, Boardman Air Quality Controls, and T&D infrastructure improvements.

Prior to joining PGE, Mr. Albi worked with PacifiCorp and the Bonneville Power Administration. His educational background includes an MBA and Master’s in Civil Engineering and he is a registered Professional Engineer in Oregon and California.

Presentation: PGE Integrated Resource Plan

An integrated resource plan is a utility plan for meeting forecasted annual peak and energy demand, plus some established reserve margin, through a combination of supply-side and demand-side resources over a specified future period. On July 19, 2019, Portland General Electric filed a 2019 integrated resource plan with the Oregon Public Utility Commission.

Portland General Electric’s vision for a clean energy future includes measures to Decarbonize the electricity provided to customers, Electrify the energy economy, and Partner with customers to integrate their energy technology choices. Franco will share an overview of PGE’s strategy and some of the key actions they are taking, from bringing more renewables online to modernizing the platform to manage clean energy to enabling transportation electrification to making sure all customers thrive in the clean energy future.

One PDH will be granted for attendance at this presentation.

No need to RSVP—just show up!

When: December 10, 12:00 to 1:00 PM

Where: Glumac, 900 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1600, Spruce Conference Room, Portland Oregon 97204

Parking: The three options for parking are on the street, Standard Center Garage with entrances on 3rd and 4th between Taylor and Salmon, and City Center parking also with entrances on 4th between Taylor and Yamhill.

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