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 ====== Upcoming Events ====== ====== Upcoming Events ======
-**On Tuesday, ​September 10**ESF will host a presentation on wave energy capture Wave energy capture is an especially intriguing source for Oregonians as our state has significant potential for its development  +**At our general meeting on Tuesday, ​November 12we will hear a presentation ​from Christopher Dymond, speaking ​on “USEnergy Trends”.** 
- +
-**Speaker: ​ DrBurke Hales** +
- +
-Dr. Hales is the chief scientist for the wave energy test site that is being developed about seven miles west of Newport on the Oregon coast. ​ Dr Hales is a professor in Oregon State'​s College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. ​+
-**Presentation Wave Energy Capture**+**SpeakerChristopher Dymond ​**
-The Wave Energy Capture project is known as PacWave. It will provide grid connected wave energy testing in an open ocean environment. ​ Oregon State has received a 35 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop and build out the site. 
-It has been estimated that, globally, the marine energy market could reach nearly $700 billion by 2050.  ​The World Energy ​Council estimates that 10 percent ​of worldwide electricity demand could be met by harvesting ocean energy. ​ +Christopher is a Sr Product Managerworking for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. 
 +He holds a Master’s degree in building systems engineering from the University of Colorado, and an undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from Oregon State University.  ​He has over 25 years’ experience in energy efficiency of commercial buildings, residential technologies,​ policy development and solar power. Prior to joining NEEA he worked 4 years at EDF Renewable ​Energy ​as manager ​of emerging technologies where he did system design and due-diligence evaluation for both utility and commercial scale solar power projects, and 12 years at the Oregon Department of Energy an energy analyst on efficiency and renewable ​energy ​systems.
-You won't want to miss Dr Hales' presentation on this transformational project occurring right within our own state.+**Presentation:​ NEEA and Energy Efficiency**
-One PDH will be granted for attendance at this presentation. +NEEA is tasked with securing energy efficiency resources through actions that influence ​the market by working ​with manufacturesfederal standards, distribution ​and other non-customer facing actions These have resulted in resources considerably cheaper than building new power plants ​for the region ​Christopher ​will present some context on about the regional resources mix and role of efficiency followed ​by a few examples ​of programs NEEA has been and is currently working on to effect ​change ​in the market toward greater energy efficiencyThis will include current NEEA work on very high-efficiency dedicated outdoor air systems for commercial buildings and new opportunities in residential heating and cooling systems
- +
-No need to RSVP—just show up! +
- +
-When:  September 10, 12:00 to 1:15 pm +
- +
-Where: Glumac, 900 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1600, Spruce Conference Room, Portland Oregon 97204 +
- +
-Parking: The three options for parking are on the street, Standard Center Garage ​with entrances on 3rd and 4th between Taylor and Salmon, and City Center parking also with entrances on 4th between Taylor and Yamhill. +
- +
-[[https://​​14fea849d656/​monthlymeetingsignup | To Add Your Name To Monthly Meeting Announcements Click Here]] +
- +
-We are still putting this year's schedule together. We are looking ​for speakers for months past February. +
- +
-Our top interests this year will be preparing ourselves to be useful in giving input to our legislators ​and decision makers on getting started with cost of carbon becoming driven ​by law. Topics on social cost of carbon, ​and climate justice and opportunities for green progress. For example, last session passed a bill that enables community solar. Is there someone who would like to talk about how that will change ​our systems. +
- +
-Meetings are held at:** 900 SW 5th Ave, Suite # 1600, Portland, 97204 between 12 noon to 1:15PM.** +
- +
-Send suggestions to or call Mike Unger at 503-348-8716+
 ===== Upcoming Monthly Presentations ===== ===== Upcoming Monthly Presentations =====
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