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 +Generally, this is easy:
 +  *  get logged in so that you get an **Edit page** button at the top of the page.
 +  *  Hit the button and it puts the page in an editor.  ​
 +--> Notes about in the editor
 +  * Note that there is a timer -- I think 5 minutes -- that will leave your edit session if you walk away without saving. ​ So, save before going to coffee.
 +  * There is a special set of characters that are used to indicate things like headings, bold/​italic/​underscore/​strike-out,​ etc.  You will want to be comfortable with them, but you don't need to memorize them.
 +  * Buttons at the top will apply the special-character information to highlighted text.
 +  * There are links in the line at the top to **syntax** and **playground.**
 +  * The **Preview** button at the bottom works at any time to let you see what the new page would look like if you saved it.  You stay in the editor at the top of the screen.
 +  * When you are done, hit **Save**
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