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ESF Advocacy

We are hoping to find a good balance of advocacy for ESF. We particularly believe that Engineers bring an opportunity to have objective points of view on subjects. By reducing a problem to numbers and science, we should be able to produce defensible positions. So, we hope to use this website and our membership input to gather good information on which to base decisions, and good processes by which to apply it.

Climate Change has become Climate Crisis. The urgency is not uniformly visible around the world, but the climate is approaching world-wide tipping points whose consequences would be world-wide problems.

It's a complex subject. The following will try to give just enough background to understand why we choose our plan.

Reasonong and Plan for 2020

The key starting point is to achieve the major decarbonization the UN IPCC asks in their Special Report on 1.5 degrees (SR15). The legislature is attempting to address this at a state-wide level.

There are pieces that need to be addressed at the level of metropolitan areas that aren't covered by the legislature. Trimet is the current hot example of this.

Hot issue because a year ago, Trimet bought a handful of electric buses, giving the public the impression that this was the beginning of leaving fossil fuels behind. However, there is no program just a TriMet PR prospectus The Non-Diesel Bus Plan.

Saying that their experience with the electric buses was not meeting expectations, they reverted to a 5-year evaluation period while the technology is already being deployed at scale in other comparable fleets around the country and the world. This is a damaging setback for Portland's opportunities to reduce diesel emissions before 2030. Their intent is to buy over 100 diesel buses before 2025.

Here is a FAQ summary of some of that trimet_faq_-_final.pdf

Here is current opportunity for action: esf_call_to_action.pdf.

Progress in the Legislature leaves this pretty stale. I will try to update very soon. Reasonong and Plan for 2020

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