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 +{{:​images:​what_lies_beneath.jpg?​nolink&​400 |}}
 +{{ :​pdf:​what_lies_beneath.pdf |What Lies Beneath}} The understatement of existential climate risk.
 +What Lies Beneath is an important report. It does not
 +deliver new facts and figures, but instead provides
 +**a new perspective on the existential risks associated
 +with anthropogenic global warming.**
 +It is the critical overview of well-informed
 +intellectuals who sit outside the climate-science
 +community which has developed over the last fifty 
 +years. ​
 +This is a particular concern with potential climatic
 +tipping points — passing critical thresholds which
 +result in step changes in the climate system — such
 +as the polar ice sheets (and hence sea levels), and
 +permafrost and other carbon stores, where the
 +impacts of global warming are non-linear and
 +difficult to model with current scientific knowledge.
 +However the extreme risks to humanity, which
 +these tipping points represent, justify strong
 +**precautionary management**. ​
 +**Under-reporting on
 +these issues is irresponsible,​ contributing to the
 +failure of imagination that is occurring today in our
 +understanding of, and response to, climate change.**
 +If climate policymaking is to be soundly based,
 +**a reframing of scientific research within an
 +existential risk-management framework is now
 +urgently required.** ​
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