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 +H2S Birthday Present
 +What would justify having n=someveryvariablenumber of 1 ton h2s emitters be able to fly under the wire?  I'm going with the idea that if they just hand permits out, they would not only hand this one out, but a couple more in Port Westward, and if the 6 lbs comes from a train load (???) then when they do the usual thing of doing 10x their original estimates of business, the 6 per day grows. ​ I mean, this gets to be a game of sneak in under the wire and grow a tree on the other side.
 +If 1T is okay, that means 6 lb per day is just hoky dokey? ​ And if it isn't that regular, that means some day or other with, say, 60 lb is just no big deal?
 + ​Molecular weight of h2s = 20.  So, I believe this says that 20lb of h2s would fill 50,000 cubic feet at one atmospere at about 60 deg f
 +Volume of gas:​ 50,​000 standard cubic feet (SCF) at 60°F and 14.7psia
 +So, a 6 lb leakage would fill over 8000 sq ft, which is 10 x 10 x 80 ft.  Which sounds like enough to scare your pants off in the crib if there'​s a roof on it.  No wonder they want the roof off.  And a wind blowing.
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