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 ====== Marc Z Jacobson -- analyst of electric green transition ====== ====== Marc Z Jacobson -- analyst of electric green transition ======
 +[[https://​​stories/​1060038164/ ​ |Meet the scientist who wants to save the world with just renewables ]]
 +Powering the world solely with renewable energy isn't just sunshine and rainbows, Jacobson acknowledged. Everything would have to be electrified -- cars, stoves, blast furnaces. Though electricity demand would go up, overall energy demand would go down, because electricity is far more efficient, he said.
 +...with the climate changing at unprecedented rates and greenhouse gas emissions still poised to rise, there isn't much time to dither. And while many arguments against 100 percent renewables remain, "​impossible"​ isn't one of them.
 +"The concept, I really believe, is going to work," Jacobson said. "​I'​m optimistic because I know it's possible."​
 {{:​images:​100-renewable-energy-139-countries-570x570.png?​direct&​400|}} {{:​images:​100-renewable-energy-139-countries-570x570.png?​direct&​400|}}
 [[https://​​2018/​02/​08/​new-jacobson-study-draws-road-map-100-renewable-energy/​ |New Mark Z. Jacobson Study Draws A Roadmap To 100% Renewable Energy ]] [[https://​​2018/​02/​08/​new-jacobson-study-draws-road-map-100-renewable-energy/​ |New Mark Z. Jacobson Study Draws A Roadmap To 100% Renewable Energy ]]
 +“This solution would go a long way toward eliminating global warming and the 4–7 million air pollution-related deaths that occur worldwide each year, while also providing energy security. Our main result is that there are multiple solutions to the problem,” he says. “This is important because the greatest barrier to the large-scale implementation of clean renewable energy is people’s perception that it’s too hard to keep the lights on with random wind and solar output.”
 +Mindful of the geopolitical implications,​ he and his colleagues are working on smaller road maps to help individual communities,​ many of which have already committed to achieving 100% renewable energy. Figuring out how to transition to 100% renewable energy may be the easy part. Convincing people to commit to the process is where the hard work will begin.
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