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 ====== News on Avoiding Tipping Points ====== ====== News on Avoiding Tipping Points ======
 +[[https://​​environment/​planet-oz/​2018/​oct/​06/​earths-climate-monsters-could-be-unleashed-as-temperatures-rise?​CMP=Share_AndroidApp_K-%40_Mail |Earth'​s climate monsters could be unleashed as temperatures rise]]“The hothouse earth paper conjectures that many of these feedbacks may interact like a domino effect, lead the Earth system to spiral out of control to reach a new steady state very different from today, and these processes may even start if we are successful at meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement.
 +“There is also an important timescale question, are we talking decades or millennia, and that is very important for how society may respond. While all the claims made in the hothouse earth paper are justified, we simply don’t have the data to verify if those claims are true. While the paper put in plenty of language to indicate its exploratory nature … many headlines and statements went too far, indicating we had already gone too far and there was no turning back.”
 +===== Older Listings =====
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