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Offshore Wind

September 27, 2018 - IEA: Wind Will Be Europe’s Largest Energy Source by 2027

 HVDC technology for offshore wind is maturing

Offshore wind is the fastest-growing renewable-power segment. The connection of wind farms that are far from the shore of national grids requires high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology, with which ABB has long experience. What challenges have been overcome in the last decade in this maturing area?

offshore_wind.image.jpgAug 17, 2018 - pressofatlanticcity - Wind energy potential dwarfs today's electricity use, report says

massechusetts_offshore_wind.jpgMassachusetts Offshore Wind Promises To Be A Bargain 12 of the 14 coastal states — including New Jersey — have offshore wind potential that exceeds their current electricity consumption.

img_20180731_133037.jpgOffshore Wind in the Pacific NW – 2017

Off the coast of Washington and Oregon, the Pacific Ocean offers a world-class wind resource, which could develop into a major new source of clean electricity for the region. Offshore wind has the potential to deliver many benefits: meeting regional energy planning goals, attracting industry, invigorating existing economic sectors, and advancing regional environmental policy goals. Further, the Pacific Northwest has a unique alignment of services, industry, resources, and economic development platforms to develop and grow an emerging offshore wind industry, while supporting traditional economic sectors in the region.

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