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japanhasmorechargepointsthangasstations.jpgMay 5, 2016 - Forbes - Japan Has More Electric Car Charging Points Than Gas Stations [Infographic] This is 2 years old, but still surprising to me, and encoraging.

seychellesislands.jpegFeb 2018 - nordic.businessinsider - A tropical island nation is promising to save thousands of turtles and dolphins for $21 million off its national debt

seas_to_rise_about_a_meter_even_if_climate_goals_are_met_-_study.jpgFeb 20, 2018 - Reuters - Seas to rise about a meter even if climate goals are met - study

Note, The report also found that every five years of delay beyond 2020 in peaking global emissions would mean an extra 20 centimeters (8 inches) of sea level rise by 2300.

devilsbargain.jpgFeb 8, 2018 - Grist - Devil's Bargain by Eric Holthaus

Turns out we have been unwittingly geoengineering for decades, and just like in the movies, it’s gone off the rails.

We already have planet-cooling technology. The problem is, it’s killing us.

11_takeaways_from_un_report.jpgFeb 13, 2018 - Climate Change News - 11 takeaways from the draft UN report on a 1.5C global warming limit

thermometer-1.jpgClimate Change News Feb 13, 2018 - Leaked draft summary of UN special report on 1.5C climate goal – in full

thedarkside.jpgBloomberg News - Jan 25, 2018 - The Dark Side of America’s Rise to Oil Superpower

ASCII(c)Rafael MatsunagaJan 11, 2018 - - Investor concern over methane risks on the rise. It should worry industry.

greatbarrierreef-eo.jpgJan 25, 2018 - JoshFrydenberg, Minister for the Environment and Energy, Kooyong, Australia - Partnering with Traditional Owners to help the Reef

“increased Traditional Owner involvement in implementing the Reef 2050 Plan ” – Traditional Owner means Indigenous Owner…

oklahomarigexplosion.jpgJan. 25, 2018 - EcoWatch - Driller in Oklahoma Explosion Has History of Deadly Accidents, Safety Violations

The drilling company involved in Monday's natural gas rig explosion in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma that killed five workers has a long record of deadly accidents and numerous safety violations.

annefinucane.jpgJan 24, 2018 - Linked In Pulse - A Playbook to Address Global Challenges

An interesting article in the context of the World Economic Forum talking about allowing capital to work by finding projects that are not too risky. Fossil Fuel projects got classified as riskier than people think, and Green Energy Projects were classified as less risky than people think. Notes that because people are frightened of investing, there is lots of capital sitting idle. She offers lots to think about.

Anne M. Finucane is vice chairman at Bank of America. She leads the company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts. As part of this, she focuses on the company's outreach to shareholders on social and governance issues, implementing innovative ways to deploy capital and expanding on the company’s environmental business opportunities to support the overall responsible growth strategy. She also oversees public policy, customer research and analytics, global marketing and communications.

ASCIIJan 24, 2018 - BC Green Caucus - The Pacific salmon collapse and fish farm frustration!

canadianspricecarbon.jpgJan 18, 2018 - Pembina Institute - Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and B.C. led [Canada] in economic growth [and were only provinces to put price on carbon.]

vietnam-1.jpgHow climate change is triggering a migrant crisis in Vietnam

In 2015-2016 disaster struck with the worst drought in a century. This caused saltwater to intrude over 80km inland, and destroyed at least 620sq miles of crops.

orcapod.jpgJan 24, 2018 - Public - Endangered Orcas Are Starving. Should We Start Feeding Them?

The population of endangered southern resident killer whales has dwindled to 76 individuals.

Washington state officials have proposed a new tack to save the Pacific Northwest's critically endangered orca population. Their idea is to boost salmon hatchery production by 10 to 20 million more fish per year to provide more food for the iconic killer whales.

plasticpollutionsickenscoral.jpgJan 25, 2018 - The Guardian - Billions of pieces of plastic on coral reefs send disease soaring, research reveals

A major new study estimates 11bn pieces of plastic contaminate vital reefs and result in infections: ‘It’s like getting gangrene,’ scientists warn.

50states50stories.jpgJan 2018 - The Weather Channel - 50 States, 50 Stories - The United States of Climate Change - Climate Change is Already Here

Interactive Map allows picking a state and seeing the story about its climate change.

sc_electric_energy_storage_xl_410_282_c1.jpgJan 26, 2018 - GreenTech Media - S&C Electric Leaves the Energy Storage Production Business

An early market entrant bows out as battery manufacturing goes giga-scale

Jan 23, 2018 - GreenTech Media - DistribuTech 2018: Microgrids, Underground Networks, and Keeping the Lights On

Siemens has been investing a lot of time and money into the microgrid opportunity, as we’ve reported from DistribuTech conferences in years past. On Tuesday, the German power and grid giant unveiled its latest iteration on this front – a Microgrid Management System, meant to give operators the ability to handle much more complex operations between microgrids and utility operators and energy markets.

Siemens’ first publicly revealed test site for its microgrid management platform is at PG&E’s Blue Lake Rancheria project in northern California. Using 500 kilowatts of PV from REC Solar and 950 kilowatt-hours of Tesla batteries, along with a backup diesel generator and building energy management from Johnson Controls, the microgrid can keep the remote Native American reservation’s community center and a designated Red Cross evacuation site running on its own power for up to seven days.

macronatworldeconomicforum.jpgJan 24, 2018- World Economic Forum - Macron at Davos: I will shut all coal-fired power stations by 2021

iceland.jpgJan 23, 2018 Combating climate change by storing CO2 underground

Early, but Real research on Iceland about combining CO2 with Basalt.

Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish, Canthidermis maculata, hiding in the middle of...Jan 22, 2018 - Ocean Pollution: We’re drowning marine ecosystems in trash, noise, oil, and carbon emissions.

jordancovebriefing.jpgJan 2018 -- Jordan Cove LNG Project Emissions Briefing – Oil Change Internaional

Jan16-2018 Timeline: The History Of Climate ModellingTimeline: The History Of Climate Modelling –

Given all the news items on fishery problems, I thought some folks might like to know that an excellent documentary exists. Not free, (about $4 from Amazon) but good watching: The End of the Line IMDB info

collapsingwalleye.jpgLake Winnipeg pickerel catch drops drastically – Winnipeg Free Press

abalone.jpgAbalone diving banned next year to protect population on brink of collapse – SF Chronicle

purse-seiner-costa-rica-drugs-fish-1200x814.jpgFor years, Costa Rica was synonymous with tourism, sustainability, and biodiversity. Now collapsing fisheries have led to turmoil. – Hakai Magazine

steelheadcollapse.jpg'Extremely close to being gone forever': B.C. fisheries manager says feds failing Interior steelhead – CBC News

dn0w_jfv4ae20uf.jpgThe Animal Without a Brain That Is Taking Over the Ocean – NewsDeeply

Abstract and references to similar articles: Manifestation, Drivers, and Emergence of Open Ocean Deoxygenation.

methaneflame.jpgFive Things to Watch as Industry Tackles Methane in 2018 – ecowatch

powerofpartnership.jpg"Does cooperation actually lead to a better environment?" – The Nature Conservancy

iceingreenland.jpgGlobal Warming Is Worse Than Most Models Predict, Data-driven New Study Warns – Science and Health

moreseverecl.jpgMore-severe climate model predictions could be the most accurate: study December 6, 2017, Carnegie Institution for Science – Phys.Org

A real now story about the coming water wars:

panorama.jpgParched for a price: Karachi's water crisis By Asad Hashim – aljazeera

scientists-canadian-arctic_jeremy-potter-noaa.jpgPolar Ice Is Disappearing, Setting Off Climate Alarms Inside Climate News

p-1-hawaii-renewables.jpgHawaii’s Mayors Just Committed To 100% Renewable Transportation By 2045 – Fast Company

Climate Change Is Happening Faster Than Expected, and It’s More Extreme – Inside Climate News

dashedby.jpgHopes of mild climate change dashed by new research theGuardian

teslabatterydynamics.jpegTesla Grid Storage Battery Reacts Insanely Fast To Coal Power Outage – CleanTechnica

smallchildrenandcoalplant.jpgWorld scientists’ warning to humanity – GreenPeaceInternational

cold-front-warm-front-hurricane-1920x1005.jpgWhat even is a global anoxic event? By Peter Everett of Austrailian Greens

warning.jpgWorld Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice American Institute of Biological Sciences

chinasolar.jpgSouth Korea Aim: 5 Times More Solar Energy Generation By 2030

www.scientificamerican.com_sciam_cache_file_59d9a19a-4cfc-4025-99e177dd7938676f.jpgInsect “Armageddon”: 5 Crucial Questions Answered Scientific American

5453.jpgI am an Arctic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations theGuardian

imgs.mongabay.com_wp-content_uploads_sites_20_2017_12_21161809_dbrown_schinasea_banner_2_crop-1200x541.jpgExperts to China; "cooperate or South China Sea fisheries may collapse"


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