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How Can I get Involved?


Learning about Climate Change

Cutting footprint of heavy users

* Note on Exports

Reducing Use of Coal
* Beyond Coal
* Coal to Clean
Reducing Use of Oil
* Stopping Oil Exports
* Stopping Tar Sands Oil
Reducing Use of Methane and it's derivatives and relatives\\
* An Overview
* Stopping Oil Exports
* Stopping Tar Sands Oil

Actions against invesments

Actions for (green) investments

Lower personal footprint

Efficient Transportation\\
* Electric Vehicles
* Electric Mass Transport * Hybrid Vehicles
* Hybrid vs Electric vs dirty grid
Solar Electricity
Grid based
* a
* b
* c
Local, Grid Attached
* Solar City
* b
* c
* d
Solar Heating / Air Conditioning
* a Heating only

* b Air Conditioning Only

* c Heat Pumps Single Family Heat pumps Community Heat pumps

Lower Oregon footprint

  • Cost of Carbon

Cost of Carbon Legislative Session 2018

  • Climate Test
  • Green Grid

Study Groups

Don't Make It Worse:\\
* Fossil Fuel Export
* The Thin Green Line
Specific projects happening\\
* Stop LNG/LPT projects in Oregon
Make it Better:\\
* Efficient Transportation
* Solar Electricity
* Solar Heating / Air Conditioning
Join/Support Group Efforts (Organizations)\\
* Civil Liberties Defense Center
* Eco Faith Recovery
* Sierra Club
* Columbia Riverkeeper
* 350pdx
* Rising Tide
* Greenpeace
* Friends of the Earth
* Food and Water Watch
* Climate News Network
* Green America
* Oceana

Action Topics

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