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Earthquakes Presentation Chat Session

  • 00:26:35 dan.meier: Folks should make sure they are muted
  • 01:01:33 GLT: Holy Cow - is there any relatively safe place in Oregon to live? :)
  • 01:03:34 PAUL and KIM WEBER: You noted the coast could drop as much as 6' down (assuming that is permanent) and the plate will shift up to 100 feet west - whow will that movement telescope through the surface - rips/valley, or not noticeable - will my house end up moving laterally?
  • 01:05:11 Ed Averill: Why wouldn't water catchments per house be a good idea?
  • 01:08:33 Sam Hartsfield: Following up on a previous comment/question: Much of the PDX airport is basically built on several to dozens of vertical feet of fill material (with floodplain sediments below that). The buildings have massive pilings. But the runways are probably toast in a big earthquake, and those will be vital in major disaster recovery. How big does an earthquake have to be to cause liquefaction in an area like that?
  • 01:09:29 Riad Alharithi: where do you find contractors who can retrofit the house to be earthquake resilient?
  • 01:14:31 Adam Zucker: Do you know where the City is at with regards to unreinforced masonry buildings?
  • 01:20:40 Jamestaun Kraupp- Kittelson: More info on Shake Alert and how to sign up
  • 01:22:41 Christopher Dymond - NEEA: Thank you Scott!
  • 01:26:00 GLT: Very interesting - Thanks,
  • 01:30:31 Erica - Cascade GIS: Thanks Scott, for your time and knowledge!
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