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Fresh Stuff:

From the southern front: And, these guys are well connected to the people and the issues, and have put lots of time into organizing their information. Good stuff!

Dan Serres of Columbia Riverkeeper presentation on current Department of State Lands permits requiring our comments to remind them why not to issue permits. This is a pretty good overview.

Example slide:

Why Should DSL Deny Permits?

DSL should deny the project because the project would unreasonably interfere with the preservation of waters for navigation, fishing, or public recreation.

Example: Dredging for the terminal will create turbidity in the Bay that will harm fish and fishing, as well as potential shellfish harvesting in Coos Bay. Further, dredging will permanently alter estuary habitat in a way that could permanently degrade fish habitat and fishing in Coos Bay.

DEQ told JCEP: “DEQ reviewed the information related to the dredging of the Marine Slip, Access Channel, and Material Offloading Facility in the Dredge Material Management Plan. This information also does not provide DEQ with the level of detail to evaluate the efficacy of JCEPs proposed practices to ensure compliance with the turbidity standard.” (DEQ letter 12.20.18 p. 85)


Note that this project has many big numbers.

  • Largest ever dredging in Oregon – dwarfs Columbia River dredging.
  • Large number of stream crossings – largest ever disturbed by a project. Salmon streams (at least they WERE supposed to be).
  • Large number of river crossings
  • Immense amount of land will have canopy removed, and therefore have new flows of water that will be too warm, too dirty, too full of herbicides and insecticides.
  • Roads built to support construction will not be removed, and such roads cause immense harm to water and wildlife.
  • The pipe path will be kept clear to large street/highway width. Woody overcover will be prevented – probably with herbicides that we do NOT WANT IN THE WATER! but cannot prevent from getting there!

Big document with reference to other big documents lots of opportunity to learn. Get mad. Write adamant comments.

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