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Presentation: Status of Wind/Solar Energy in the US

Speaker: Steve Saylors

Status of Wind/Solar Energy in the US

Steve is a Senior Member of IEEE and is currently employed as Senior Specialist by Vestas Wind Systems. In this capacity he serves as internal subject-matter-expert on electrical power generation systems, wind turbine design, and transmission system interconnection/integration issues.

Previously while working for the Bechtel Power Corporation in San Francisco, and Portland General Electric he was assigned to the design, construction and operation of electrical power plants, mostly nuclear and coal-fired; as well as power transmission & distribution projects.

Additionally, Steve is on the Adjunct Faculty of Portland Community College and the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). He is licensed as an Electrical Engineer in Oregon, California, and Washington State; as well as a Control Systems Engineer in Oregon.

Presentation: Status of Wind/Solar Energy in the US

Steve will give us a presentation updating his Oct 2016 presentation on the status of wind/solar energy in the US, and on ongoing power industry trends for energy storage, hybrid renewable power plants, as well as recent overtures for a system of renewable powered micro-grids & data centers that could revolutionize the grid by replacing central power plants and long-distance transmission lines. In preparation for his presentation, Steven has provided the following:

According to the latest DOE reporting,wind last year provided for 6.3% of the total US electricity generation; up from less than 1% ten years ago. DOE’s Wind Vision has set goals for the US of 20% by 2030, and 35% by 2050. 41% of all newly installed generation capacity in 2015 were wind energy power plants.

Wind turbine generator technology and controls have advanced to meet the expectations of electric grid operators and planners; often exceeding the capabilities of conventional generators to assist in maintaining grid stability. Trends for larger rotors and higher towers have enabled the industry to reap wind in areas of the country that were considered economically infeasible five years ago. Mega-projects are being developed today to route power from wind-rich areas to other sections of North America that do not have such viable sources; this will necessitate increased transmission capacity and upgrading of current power lines.

Oregon has been a leader in renewable energy obtaining over 11% of its energy generation from wind; enough to supply over six hundred thousand homes. Wind resources are excellent in south-eastern Oregon and the Columbia Gorge area. The state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) sets targets for in-state electricity suppliers, requiring the largest utilities to provide for 50% of their sales from renewables by 2040.

One PDH will be granted for attendance at this presentation.

No need to RSVP—just show up!

When: August 14, 12:00 to 1:15 pm

Where: Glumac, 900 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1600, Spruce Conference Room, Portland Oregon 97204

Parking: The three options for parking are on the street, Standard Center Garage with entrances on 3rd and 4th between Taylor and Salmon, and City Center parking also with entrances on 4th between Taylor and Yamhill.

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