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Climate Documentaries

Documentaries can be powerful ways of communicating ideas of many sorts. We will publish a list of favorites that are easily accessed, and some description. Later we will organize them better. The prices hold a link to a place I found for buying them or renting them. Not from Engineers for a Sustainable Future.

The Trailer for David Attenborough's Climate Change - The Facts is potentially a good introduction.

Title Trailer Free Rent Buy Description
The Need to Grow trailer Free Rent buy 12.95 The way we are using soil for farming, now, will wear the soil out completely in 60 years. If you can pick alternatives to that, it seems important. Regenerative Farming is the answer…
Dirt Rich Trailer - $3.99 $9.99 Dirt Rich focuses on carbon drawdown which is the solution for removing the CO2 pollution from the atmosphere. Normal CO2 is 2 Trillion Tonnes. Current CO2 is 3 Trillion Tonnes. We must remove the excess 1 Trillion Tonnes. The various organic growing possibilities that will allow forestry and agriculture to do that are presented.
I found this movie fascinating, but it probably would not entertain an average junior high student.
Fantastic Fungi Trailer - $3.99 $9.99 Fantastic Fungi focuses on the life system in soil that is heavily dependent on symbiotic fungi. It is truly fascinating that soil is something that wants to live forever, and supports all the plants that come along, helping them to fit together. It babies them from seedlings to old age. As a family. The end of the movie also addresses the many ways in which fungi are medicine. You can find that another interesting part of life, or ignore it and benefit from knowing that clearcutting soil and leaving it to die is a crime. Don't kill granmother soil!
The Biggest Little Farm Trailer - - $19.99 This is an adorable movie. Depending on children's sensitivities, maybe not for little ones. A real experience of a real family that became organic farmers outside of LA. Shows what it means to imitate nature. It ain't easy. But it is rewarding. It has been almost continuously available at one or another of the small theaters in Portland. Info from first tab. It is not yet for sale/rent, but Vudu predicts it, last month
Paris to Pittsburgh Trailer - - $6.99 Paris to Pittsburgh is a 2018 documentary film about climate change directed by National Geographic filmmaker Sidney Beaumont and documentarian Michael Bonfiglio and produced by Bloomberg Philanthropies, National Geographic and RadicalMedia. The film is narrated by Rachel Brosnahan The title of the documentary refers to the phrase used by President Trump on June 1, 2017 in his withdrawal speech delivered in the White House Rose Garden in which he announced that he was pulling the United States out of the Paris Agreement.[4] Trump said, “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.” In response, , Bill Peduto, Mayor of Pittsburgh, wrote: “As the Mayor of Pittsburgh, I can assure you that we will follow the guidelines of the Paris Agreement for our people, our economy and future
Before the Flood Trailer - - $9.99 Before the Flood is a documentary from the point of view of Leonard DeCaprio, who was active with the UN in attempting to get the Paris Accord. That succeeded and put an important stake in the ground, but a wiggly stake and swampy ground, which is a tale to follow. This does do a good job of creating a narrative about the difficulties in getting that far.
The end of the line (2010) Trailer - - free The End of the Line explores our bad fishing practices that have always been as bad as technology will allow amongst “Modern” humans. This leads to an inevitable conclusion. It's unfortunate that we've had some people get better at conserving, and others at brutally harvesting. Estimated date of no fish in the ocean in this documentary agrees with recent papers. There are shorter and newer versions on the web. I still like this one from 2010.
Attenborough BBC ClimateChangeTheFacts2019 Trailer - - free The whole world tried to move their understanding to the new 1.5 degree model. News, documentaries, etc., had been ignoring this. The BBC and David Attenborough decided to lay it on the line.
David Attenborough -- A Witness Statement -- A docu about a docu No trailer - - free An interview with David Attenborough's producer about putting together David Attenborough – A Witness Statement
David Attenborough -- A Witness Statement -- The full docu No trailer - - free An interview with David Attenborough's producer about putting together David Attenborough – A Witness Statement
Winona LaDuke TEDxTC Seeds Of Our Ancestors Seeds of Life No Trailer - - free Winona LaDuke is a prominent Native American who lives with the White Earth tribe in northern Minnesota. She has twice run with Ralph Nader on the green ticket in the Vice Presidential slot. She is an excellent story-teller and advocate for climate. Her perspective comes from 11,000 years of Native American history
Winona LaDuke on being a Water Protector at Standing Rock Trailer - - free Winona LaDuke gave a keynote address that apparently did not get recorded or published. This clip is a message she gave to students before giving the keynote.
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