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Current Science Requirements

James Hansen tells the teams of children at the “Our Children's Trust” [ ] that are suing across the world for their governments to address climate change what is in the following paper submitted in Evidence was submitted to Representative Ken Helm's House Committee On Energy and Environment by Mary Wood based on her communication with James Hansen. (James Hansen is the NASA climate expert that led the integration of important climate information in the 1980s. and presenting that information to Congress in 1988 )

The bottom line is that James Hansen believes the requirements for saving the environment for our grandchildren requires:

  1. An immediate decarbonization – move from carbon fuels to solar, wind, storage, etc. that don't burn carbon – with approximately a 7% per year decrease. We are not talking about stopping at some “modest levels”, but essentially completely weaning the world from carbon fuels Why wean the world from carbon fuels? .
  2. Removal of 100 Gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere through ecologically sound projects around the globe that harness the soil’s ability to sequester carbon. (Since this is a world-wide number, Oregon's share would likely be in the 0.1 to 0.2 Gigaton range. I suggest a range here, because we have about 0.1% of the world's current emission rate – but we have a forest that should be one of the most dense sequesterers of carbon in the world.
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