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ESF Advocacy

We are hoping to find a good balance of advocacy for ESF. We particularly believe that Engineers bring an opportunity to have objective points of view on subjects. By reducing a problem to numbers and science, we should be able to produce defensible positions. So, we hope to use this website and our membership input to gather good information on which to base decisions, and good processes by which to apply it.

We have an overlapping crisis of COVID–19. A current issue is should schools reopen to live students in classrooms? Please see investigation COVID vs. Classrooms HERE

Climate Change has become Climate Crisis. The urgency is not uniformly visible around the world, but the climate is approaching world-wide tipping points whose consequences would be world-wide problems.

Unfortunately very little progress is being made against Decarbonization or sequestration. For context you could look at In 2020 Are We Worried, Yet? Or even at In 2018 - Are we In a Hurry, Yet?

Governor Kate Brown has taken the lead in addressing climate change for Oregon.

Please see about that AT THIS LINK

As engineers, many of which have had experience with the electric power system and it's grid, we have a special interest in pointing out the major opportunities Oregon has in this are. Please see material on that topic AT THIS LINK

OR continue to one of the topics, below:

Oil Export from Oregon

The Zenith Oil terminal has been the hot topic since before Zenith bought it from Arc Logistics. Originally a handler of tar for road building and repair, someone decided Canadian Tar Sands Oil would be much more profitable because there was some market for it, but the pipelines to carry it from Alberta to some coast somewhere never materialized. Thus Zenith looked for ways of using trains as a pipeline substitute.

Global Oil decided if Zenith could do it in Portland, they could surely do the same thing in Port Westward and started working on that.

Here is a link to recently shared information among activists on this subject:

Link to Zenith Oil discussion

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