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Note the opportunities at the EQC Meetings on July 12, 13

Note opportunities for testimony about Jordan Cove Project to: DEQ, Army Corps of Engineers, EFSC

Proposal for using VW penalty money to fund evercharging infrastructure -- Charging stations for EVs.

July 25 Comments are due by 5 p.m. and must be sent to: Email:

THe comments will be incorporated in a new version of the proposal and posted to the web in early August. opportunity for testimony about Siting Permit Exception to: EFSC

As noted on the page linked above, Jordan Cove, which is a huge energy project, is asking that they not be considered an energy site w/r/to EFSC siting permits. They are going to have an immense consumption of the natural gas supplied by the new pipeline for the purpose of refrigerating and compressing the methane to a liquid at about negative 262 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of producing electricity and using the electricity to drive this “liquifaction” process, they will drive the cooling and compressing pumps directly from methane turbines. This might have a trivial increase in effeciency, but is otherwise equivalent to using electric generations and electric motors. This “hiding” of the energy generation is their excuse for not needing the citing certificate. [Opinion of ESF-Oregon]

[Statement on EFSC page:] “The process to obtain an exemption from a site certificate gives Oregon Department of Energy staff 45 days to review the request to determine if it’s complete. If the application is complete, staff must provide a recommendation to Council within 60 days after that determination. Oregon Department of Energy staff anticipate that the Energy Facility Siting Council will discuss the request and the staff recommendation at its September 27-28, 2018, meeting, which will be held in Coos Bay.”

Written comments, due by August 13, 2018, can be submitted to:

Sean Mole, Federal Projects Coordinator Oregon Department of Energy 550 Capitol St. NE Salem, OR 97301 Email:

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