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Hydrogen Economy

Presenting Pros and Cons

The Truth about Hydrogen Some detailed information on Pros and Cons. If you want to think seriously about this, here's good starting info.

A Toyota Mirai owner rebuts Tony Seba's POV

On January 15, 2015 Mr. Seba published a post on his blog listing six reasons why fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) will be unable to compete with battery electric vehicles (BEVs) when they are introduced into Northern California.

A little over a year later several hydrogen stations were opened in the San Francisco Bay Area and Toyota began shipping its first few FCEVs, namely the Toyota Mirai. This is therefore an appropriate time for a preliminary comparison of Seba’s six speculations with the reality of FCEV “tires on the road”. Here they are, with the first two switched.

Not Serious Green Solution

Tony Seba on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles or Electric Vehicles? Makes his points on why hydrogen is not competetive.

Still Supporting it In Some Context

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