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In 2018 - Are we In a Hurry, Yet?

There is a lot said about not frightening the public/ the audience. But, there is a lot being said, now, to the effect that climate scientists have softened their statement and therefore prevented climate science from being adequately realistic.

By more and more measures, there is little time to waste. Gone are the days when we should make vague promises about going green by mid to late century.

More and more big business is able to buy its way into 100% Green in the near term. And more and more studies tell us that what we need to buy our way to near 100% green for our cities, states, and nations because the solutions are available, and this is a more attractive alternative than trying to “make the transition easier”. Delays are not things that make it easier, but make results more damaging and harder to clean up.

In all of this conversation, the precautionary principle needs to be understood. It would also be good to pick up the problem of “longtail distributions” mentioned in these articles.

So, read on. The opportunity is here, and we must take it in hand.

fat_tail_earth.jpgDec 06, 2017 - Michael E Mann's Blog - The ‘Fat Tail’ of Climate Change Risk

johnathan_watts.jpg2018/8/17 -0 The Guardian - World is finally waking up to climate change, says 'hothouse Earth' author Report predicting spiralling global temperatures has been downloaded 270,000 times in just a few days

“This is very dangerous. We are not just doing wrong ourselves with emissions, we are also killing our best friends – forests and oceans – that might ease the impact,” Schellnhuber said.

worried_yet.jpg'We Are Climbing Rapidly Out of Humankind's Safe Zone': New Report Warns Dire Climate Warnings Not Dire Enough

hothouse.jpg'Hothouse Earth' Co-Author Says 'People Will Look Back on 2018 as the Year When Climate Reality Hit'

glacial_interglacial_limit_cycles.jpgRisk of a Hothouse Earth Pathway Based on this framework, we argue that social and technological trends and decisions occurring over the next decade or two could significantly influence the trajectory of the Earth System for tens to hundreds of thousands of years and potentially lead to conditions that resemble planetary states that were last seen several millions of years ago, conditions that would be inhospitable to current human societies and to many other contemporary species.

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