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Necessity Defense

What is the climate necessity defense?

pipelinedevenseisnecessity.jpgJudge Drops Charges Against 13 Who Argued Pipeline Civil Disobedience Action Was "Necessary" to Save Planet

Judge Allows 'Necessity' Defense by Climate Activists in Oil Pipeline Protest

A Minnesota judge ruled that three activists charged with felonies can argue they had no legal alternative to protect citizens from climate change impacts.

citizensutiltyboardcomments.jpgCOMMENTS OF THE OREGON CITIZENS’ UTILITY BOARD ON PGE IRP UPDATE This is climate news because investments in “Natural Gas” i.e. methane are inappropriate in a world where fossil fuels need to be turned off in about 2 decades. It is true that Oregon's PUC (Public Utility Commission) is not yet allowed to be driven by climate change in their decisions in most ways – but, investments in something about to become a stranded asset is foolish.

We can have another discussion about how we go to nearly 100% green in 20 years, and what laws it is going to take to drive that. But, at least, PGE is better poised to invest in that direction because of the guidance they got in the IRP process this time around.

sciencetutorials.jpgThe judge in a federal climate change lawsuit wants a science tutorial

More court battles

:court battles on climate

lamar-smith-climate-change-denier-voters-1495136715.jpgMarch 23, 2018 - Aronoff - The Intercept - Climate Change Policy Is Proving Difficult To Enact Even in Liberal States with Democratic Control

“The problem is that an 'easy way out' for oil companies can’t coincide with one [easy way out] for the planet. Even conservative pathways to capping rising temperatures at 2 degrees Celsius suggest industrialized nations should start reigning in carbon emissions by 10 percent each year before zeroing them out entirely by mid-century; even that scenario assumes we’ll be able to deploy so-called negative emissions technology at a global scale, despite the fact that those technologies remain untested at scale. Without negative emissions, the deadline for decarbonization comes much sooner: 2026 — eight years from now.”

The only hope we have for negative emissions in the 20-year timeframe we need them are organic – and not in forests. It must take a large portion of the land in use for growing crops and quit abusing it such that the soil is unable to sustain carbon-based life within it. So, any successful plan to avoid 2 degrees, C must aggressively “decarbonize” – meaning stop burning carbon fuels, including fossil fuels. Jim Hansen has suggested we need 8%/year decrease in carbon emissions.

london_modern_farmer.jpgFebruary 3, 2016 - Modern Farmer - From N16 to SW9: How London’s Urban Farmers are Cultivating the City

locationsofthe25biggestroofsintheus.jpgSolar Energy Potential on the Largest Rooftops in the United States This was the basis for part of a talk at PIELC 2018. Interesting work.

December 11, 2017 by John Talberth - Report: Climate legislation must include Big Timber “Inaction is inexcusable given humanity’s urgent need to draw down atmospheric carbon as fast and efficiently as possible,“ Talberth continued. “And passing legislation to flip industrial forest practices in Oregon to climate smart alternatives is one thing Governor Brown and legislators can do that has global significance.”

Links to

japanhasmorechargepointsthangasstations.jpgMay 5, 2016 - Forbes - Japan Has More Electric Car Charging Points Than Gas Stations [Infographic] This is 2 years old, but still surprising to me, and encoraging.

icebreakingapartinarctic.jpgFeb 2018 - - Arctic warmer than much of Europe is a worrying sign of climate change “Freezing cold 'Siberian Express' is roaring towards Britain,” screamed the front page of the Daily Express newspaper last Friday as a cold front, the so-called “Beast from the East,” battered its way west.

scientistsstunnedbyarctic.jpg Lorraine Chow Feb. 26, 2018 - EcoWatch - Scientists Stunned by Off-the-Charts Arctic Temperatures, Record-Low Sea Ice “This is simply shocking. I don't have the words,”

sealevelsrise.jpgFeb. 13, 2018 - USA Today - Miami could be underwater in your kid’s lifetime as sea level rise accelerates

wind-turbine-fieldv2-720x720.jpgFebruary 28, 2018 - Digital Trends - Wind and solar could supply 80 percent of U.S. energy needs

why_solar_is_winning_in_texas_rmi.jpgFebruary 28, 2018 - GreenBiz - Why distributed solar is winning in Texas Distribution-scale solar avoids using the transmission grid because electricity is produced close to load. There is basically no use of transmission or transmission-level generation capacity. It’s like renting office space close to home, so that you can skip use of toll-road highways and limit yourself to local roads. You don’t use the toll road, and thus you should not need to pay.

41612_2018_12_fig1_html.jpg02 March 2018 - NATURE - Dramatic declines in snowpack in the western US …attributed declines in snowpack (specifically SWE divided by accumulation-season precipitation) across the western US to anthropogenic warming.

deadbabyturtle.jpgAugust 29, 2018 - The New Republic - Humans Have Created a New Natural Disaster

The Daily Nation newspaper reported on an “invasion of the Sargassum seaweed”—a brown, leafy algae that had washed up in thick mats on the white-sand beaches of the island’s eastern shores. The next day, the country’s government declared it a national emergency. Seen from afar, the bloom looked like a coppery oil spill slicking the sea. But a closer look revealed dead wildlife entangled within it.

The June Sargassum invasion in Barbados claimed the lives of three sea turtles, six dolphins, and “countless” fish and eels, The Daily Nation reported. But surely more have perished in the months since, as sheets of the bulbous-tipped seaweed—sometimes several feet deep—have become regular visitors to the country’s eastern and southern shorelines.

austrailianoysterbed.jpg15 February 2018 - The Sydney Morning Herald - The marine ecosystem more endangered than the Great Barrier Reef Australia's shellfish reefs are the country's most threatened ocean ecosystem and are almost extinct.

greenpeacewarnings.jpgA Greenpeace Blog About the many Warnings from Science over the years and some good bullets about answers.

whistleblower_says_epa_officials_covered_up_toxic_fracking_methane_emissions_for_years_-_ecowatch.jpgJun. 10, 2016 - Ecowatch - Whistleblower Says EPA Officials Covered Up Toxic Fracking Methane Emissions for Years In pre-Trump, pre-Pruitt times we already had issues with validity of EPA data.

“In an incendiary federal complaint filed on Wednesday with the EPA's Inspector General, the 28-year-old North Carolina-based group NC WARN wrote that “there has been a persistent and deliberate cover-up that has prevented the agency from requiring the natural gas industry to make widespread, urgently needed and achievable reductions in methane venting and leakage across the nation's expanding natural gas infrastructure.”

fracking_equals_climatechange2.jpgFebruary 22nd, 2018 - CleanTechnica - Emissions From Fracking 5 Times Higher Than Reported

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