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The organizers that brought 20,000 people out into the streets of portland are at it again, and this time they're bringing youth climate activism to the Portland Mayoral race. Join Sunrise PDX, 350PDX, and Harriet Tubman Middle School Environmental Club for the Mayoral CandidateClimate and Environmenal Justice Forum this city needs.

Together with Emily Prado – the polymath DJ / Journalist / Interim Director of Youth Programs at Literary Arts – youth / climate leaders will question Portland'swoulld-be mayors on their plans for bringing about a just and equitable future for Portland.

 Video of event

Youth climate activist group Sunrise Movement PDX and others hosted incumbent Mayor Ted Wheeler and challengers Sarah Iannarone, Ozzie González, Teressa Raiford and Piper Crowell in front of a sold-out crowd at Revolution Hall in Southeast Portland on Sunday, March 8.

This event is produced in partnership with and sponsored by The Oregonian and Oregonlive. There was another version of this event reported by The Oregonian at: and The Oregonian reported on the subjects again in

To find more coverage a starting search string could be: “march 9 the revolution mayors debate sunrise”

The audio below starts after the first introductions began.

  • Each candidate made an introductory statement
  • Questions were read by one of the Harriet Tubman Middle School Environmental Club
  • Each Q was answered by all candidates in rotation
  • On first Q rotation started with Mayor Wheeler and rotated to right.
  • Each subsequent Q was started to person to the right of where previous Q started
  • After Questions from Students, Questions from Audience were selected to continue same pattern.
  • There were some closing activities

the following recording started in the middle of the grand round of introducing everyone on the stage and continues to the end. I would add timestamps of useful points if anyone cared to write them down during listening and sending them to Ed Averill

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