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-===== In a Nutshell ​=====+====== Climate Change and Climate Solutions ======
-The industrial revolution blossomed on easily-accessed fuels -- fossil fuels. ​ Those fuels are all carbon-based. ​ They all produce lots of easily-accessed energy when burned to produce carbon dioxide ​(CO2).+=== Basic Climate Crisis ​(starts on this page===
-Humans didn't know it to begin with but carefully-controlled amount of CO2 is necessary to maintain ​climate that is friendly to life as we know it.  The earth, sometimes called "​Mother Earth", ​and sometimes called "​Gaea"​ developed a cooperation between different parts of it's environment ​to keep CO2 at a level that kept the climate in control for thousands of years.+  * [[:In Nutshell|In ​Nutshell ]] 
 +  * [[:​co2_and_immediate_effects|CO2 ​and immediate effects]] 
 +  * [[:​working_the_climate_co2_budget|Working the Climate CO2 Budget]] 
 +  * [[:​getting_to_complexities|Getting ​to Complexities]]
-CO2 (and some other gasesact as a blanket. ​ Sunlight energy enters our atmosphere and bounces off of whatever surface it runs into.  The reflected energy is mostly infra-red energy as opposed to the visible light that came in.  The CO2 keeps the infra-red energy inside the atmosphere. Increased CO2  +=== The Crises ​(more than one Crisis\\ ===
-keeps more energy in.  More energy becomes heat and the temperature goes up.+
-The earth radiates energy as a "black body", and the key information to know about that is more heat is radiated if the body is a higher temperature. ​ So if we have more CO2 in the atmosphere, the earth gets enough hotter that the black-body radiation grows just large enough to balance the incoming energy.+( [[:​the_crises|The Crises on other pages:]] )>
-The burning of Carbon-based fuels did good things that allowed human civilization to grow as never before. ​ Since doing so was dependent on the availability of abundant energy, and readily-available energy was carbon based fossil fuels, our use of them grew on an exponential curve correlated to our population growth.+  * [[:​prelude_to_the_methane_bomb|Avoiding ​the Methane Bomb The Precautionary Principle]] 
 +  * [[:​methane_bomb|Methane Bomb]] 
 +  * [[:​ocean_acidification|Ocean Acidification]] 
 +  * [[:​ocean_dead_zones|Ocean Dead Zones]]
-Thus, our disturbance of the atmosphere'​s CO2 balance went from being a slow disturbance to an ever-growing one.  One that has nearly reached limits beyond which life forms such as ours and our food sources may no longer be so well supported ​on Earth.+=== Some Solutions ​and supporting concepts (on other pages) ===
-That's the beginning, but there are more layers. ​ Remember, there was a feedback system that kept things in amazing control for about 800,000 years. ​ This gave humans the "​Garden of Eden" planet that allowed the transition from hunter-gatherer behavior to farming, and cooperative society with lasting communities and aliances. 
-But, our use of those fuels disturbed that premise with secondary consequences:​ +  * [[ ESF Oregon Greening Strategy |ESF Oregon Greening Strategy ]] 
-  ​If temperature changes, it changes how the air carries water. +  ​[[ Energy_Solutions ​Energy_Solutions]] 
-  ​If the water in the air changes, that changes almost everything about the weather, because it moves air streams, and it changes where and when rain occurs. +  ​* [[:some_solutions|Concepts that enable Solutions ]]
-  ​- If atmospheric CO2 changes, so does the Ocean'​s CO2. See [[ocean_acidification|Ocean Acidification]]. +
-  ​- Both the ocean and the ground store huge quantities of methane, which can produce worse effects than CO2. +
-  - Huge changes in the earth'​s ability to support billions of people can come from the resulting:+
- ​Available Crises: 
-  * Drought 
-  * Storms 
-  * Ocean Floods 
-  * Rain Floods 
-  * Acid Poisoning of the Oceans 
-  * Drowning in Methane 
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