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Some Solutions

While making the transition from current technology to future, green technology may require a great deal of effort, it should seem more enjoyable when you find that we are not just getting rid of problems of the past, but gaining great benefits of the future. It will be a much more prosperous and healthier future.

Here is Tony Seba of Stanford University to talk about the optimistic economic part of that:

Solutions consist of

Mark Z Jacobson analyzed the transition to green energy and here is his YouTube on that.

August 24th, 2018 - clean Tehnica - Research Shows That A Low-Carbon Future Will Be A Renewable Future

There are multiple academic approaches to the inevitable transformation to a 100% renewable future. They overlap and provide strong support for thesis that electrical generation, and by extension all primary energy needs, will be met by a combination of renewables. The four this article will cover briefly are the work of Dr. Jacobson of Stanford, the IPCC perspective, Dr. Mark Diesendorf’s work from Australia, and finally a gloss on the current state of large-scale grid integration and transmission.

An analysis of the opportunity for Cap and Trade Declare energy independence with carbon dividends

A carbon tax and dividend system could usher in an era of clean energy independence

Non/Anti-Solutions There is a basic premise that if you save/sequester some carbon and burn some other carbon, they can cancel each other out. At some level that is right. But, there are real problems with making it work in an already depleted world. Here is a good treatise on that.

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