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With two bills in the legislature to set our target for 2035 for 100% green grid, a question arises as to

  • how we would get there, and
  • why it would be important.

The climate and ecosystem are changing much more rapidly than scientists predicted only a few years ago. There is one thing they generally agree on now. That is that the sooner we quit damaging the ecosystem, the less the total damage will be. And, the total likely damage seems potentially very large.

There are three sectors that have high emissions that can be tackled through a green grid:

  1. The grid itself is responsible for about 30% of our emissions
  2. Two other sectors:
    1. Transportation is almost completely dependent on fossil fuels and is about 37% of our emissions. But can be almost completely converted to run off of batteries charged from a green grid.
    2. Building heat for both homes and businesses has a large dependency on fossil fuels, especially Natural Gas. Between the homes and businesses, the total emissions add up to about 30%. All of this can be moved to the electric energy of the grid, and made much more efficient by using heat pumps.

Between having a green grid, and making good use of it can make a huge difference in the emissions Oregon is really tracking, now.

Going from that premise, the next question is; “Is there a way to make it happen?” We believe that the answer is

  • yes – with appropriate strategic planning,
  • at a good time, if starting very soon.

With many overlapping agencies, including Bonneville, which is responsible for so much of the grid in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana, the planning must be at a very large scale with large Federal involvement.

For the implementation to happen on time, the first level of planning should be enabling bids for offshore wind by 2025.

Please try to see what that means while listening to Jack Kerfoot lay our a picture of all these pieces.

Use this convenient viewer:

or use this direct link to the video file to download or view in your browser's video viewer. (not all browsers, provide a viewer) Energy in Oregon

A successful result will provide connection of divergent energy sources across many states and therefore allow all of them to be more reliable and successful in enabling local business.

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