ESF Presentation July 2024

Presentation: Energy for People & Planet: Oregon Citizens’ Utility Board We all rely on energy to live, work, and play. As we face climate change, we need to transition to clean energy while making sure that our energy systems work for the people who use them. Oregon Citizens’ Utility Board is our state’s utility watchdog that advocates for affordable, accessible, reliable, and clean utilities for the people of Oregon. Learn more about how we can advocate for policies that protect our planet while ensuring everyone can access critical energy services.

Speaker: Charlotte Shuff Charlotte is communications Director at the Oregon Citizens Utility Board. She joined CUB in 2020. CUB has a background in energy efficiency, advocacy for environmental justice, and community education. Their passion is taking complicated topics and making them understandable for the general public to inspire collective action.

Charlotte graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a BA in Sociology & Anthropology with a focus on civic engagement and the public sector.

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