ESF Presentation May 2024

Radon in Oregon – the Invisible Killer

Speaker: Dr. Scott Burns Dr. Burns is a Professor of Geology at Portland State and is in his 54th year of teaching. He has taught in Switzerland, New Zealand, Washington, Colorado, and Louisiana before coming back to his native Oregon 34 years ago. He specializes in geological disasters like landslides, earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, and tsunamis. He has many publications in the field, gives many talks in the community about these topics, and is interviewed by the news media often about these topics.

Presentation: Radon in Oregon – the invisible killer (best in winter) Scott and his students compiled all of the original radon maps of radon for not only the Portland area, but all of Oregon. He will talk about the health risks of radon, its distribution in Oregon, and why it is different from place to place. He will also discuss how to test and mitigate radon.

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